Asphalt Crack Filling in Kenosha

Asphalt Crack Filling
and Asphalt Maintenance in Kenosha

Need asphalt crack filling in Kenosha for your driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt application? As all asphalt undergoes stress over time due to usage and varying weather conditions, asphalt crack filling and maintenance becomes necessary. To ensure that your pavement is well-maintained and to prevent safety concerns from the rough surface of cracked pavement, Cicchini Asphalt provides asphalt crack filling in Kenosha. Through our crack fill process, your pavement is cleaned and prepped for precise corrective work. During this process, Cicchini will:

  1. Clean all vegetation and sediment from cracks ¼-inch or wider with crack cleaning tools
  2. Fill cracks with a hot, polymeric joint sealer
  3. Sealcoat the remaining asphalt pavement for a smooth, uniform appearance.
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This system is geared to extend the life of your asphalt in both looks and usage. Don’t let your asphalt deteriorate! Call Cicchini Asphalt today to get a quote for our asphalt crack filling services in Kenosha! Our associates are ready to answer any questions or concerns you have about our crack filling processes or any other services we offer.

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