Kenosha Asphalt Crack Filling


About Our Kenosha Asphalt Crack Filling Services

When searching for quality Kenosha asphalt crack filling, you may wonder just what that is. It’s simple, really. Asphalt is a flexible pavement material that will move along with subtle movements from the soil. Sometimes, due to the severity of winter in Kenosha, this can happen more often than in other climates. When the asphalt moves, it can crack in areas due to the strain, which is why it’s imperative to preserve your asphalt with Kenosha asphalt crack filling.

The crack filling process:

  1. Clean all vegetation and sediment from cracks ¼-inch or wider with crack cleaning tools
  2. Fill cracks with a hot, polymeric joint sealer
  3. Sealcoat the remaining asphalt pavement for a smooth, uniform appearance
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Why is this recommended for Asphalt?

Filling a crack in asphalt is the most beneficial way to extend the life of your pavement. When any cracks are left unmaintained other issues can occur, such as water beginning to seep underneath. When that water starts to seep underneath it can saturate the base and foundation, along with surrounding soils that weaken the asphalt. With weakening asphalt material, especially with our seasons constantly changing, your pavement can move and potentially cause dangerous hazards, have an unprofessional look, and affect customer driving conditions.

When you’re searching for Kenosha Asphalt crack filling, come to Cicchini Asphalt! We have the tools and professional team to help with the maintenance & protection of your asphalt.