Asphalt Contractors in Racine

Professional Asphalt Contractors in Racine

Discover the most dependable asphalt contractors in Racine, right here at Cicchini Asphalt! Having over 40 years of experience, we have been an important part of the Racine community. Over the years, we’ve worked with local businesses and homeowners, solidifying our reputation as the ultimate destination for all of your asphalt needs in Racine.

As experienced professionals with extensive experience in the asphalt industry, we are primed to address a variety of asphalt needs. Whether it’s enhancing your driveways durability, optimizing your commercial properties’ parking lot, or tackling any asphalt-related project, we’re well-equipped to deliver exceptional results. We understand the unique details of both your property and your vision, ensuring that we provide solutions that align with what you have in mind.

Our asphalt contractors in Racine are committed to provide you with satisfactory results from start to finish! When you’re seeking top-tier asphalt contractors in Racine, Cicchini Asphalt is the number one company around! Contact us today and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all that we do!

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  • New Construction Asphalt Driveways

  • Remove and Replacement of Existing Driveways

  • Design, Layout & Permitting Assistance

  • Expansion of In-Place Driveways and Parking Areas

  • Private Tennis & Basketball Courts

  • Nature Trails, Cart Paths and Walks

  • Automated Biennial Sealcoat Program

  • Crackfilling