Asphalt Repair in Kenosha, WI

Trusted Asphalt Repair in Kenosha

If you are looking for asphalt repair in Kenosha, Wisconsin, you have come to the right place! Here at Cicchini Asphalt, we can provide experts who can resurface any blacktop. Crackfilling? Blacktop sealing? We offer that, too! We always ensure 100% satisfaction and will have the job done efficiently. You can start the process now by requesting a quote today from Cicchini Asphalt.

  • New Construction Asphalt Driveways

  • Remove and Replacement of Existing Driveways

  • Design, Layout & Permitting Assistance

  • Expansion of In-Place Driveways and Parking Areas

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  • Private Tennis & Basketball Courts

  • Nature Trails, Cart Paths and Walks

  • Automated Biennial Sealcoat Program

  • Crackfilling